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CleaningAt Natural Home Cleaning Services, Inc. our goal is to provide our clients with a high quality, environmentally friendly house cleaning. Using the least toxic cleaning products, we protect the health of our clients, our own health, and the health of our planet. We are proud to offer a cleaning service that is a safe and eco-friendly, while delivering  fabulous results.

 Natural Home Cleaning Services, Inc. has many years of experience as house cleaners and take pride in their professional cleaning service. The cleaners are all partners and participate jointly in key business decisions and share the profits.  

Most housecleaning companies use cleaning products which contain hazardous chemicals that contaminate our water and the air we breathe. These chemicals threaten your family’s health, the health of your house cleaner, and the health of our environment.

Natural Home Cleaning Services, Inc. are professionally trained and dedicated to making homes safe, clean, and healthy for the environment. We use the least-toxic cleaning options available. If you have ever doubted that green products can get your house sparkling clean, try us out you will be amazed! We licensed, insured and bonded. 

Natural Home Cleaning Services, Inc. offers the best in green, eco-friendly house cleaning throughout the East Bay from with clients in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Hayward, Castro Valley, Walnut Creek and more.

License # 46614

Cleaning Lady

7 GenerationSeventh Generation:                                                        • A product made for the family safety
• Free chemicals and odors
• Green product to clean
• Your family in a safe and healthy            environment


heinz VinegarHeinz Vinegar:
• An amazing natural product to clean
• Safe for kids and pets around the house
• Green and safe product for the planet


Bon ami 2Bon ami:
• Power Cleaner
• Effective at cleaning but gentle on surfaces
• Many customers prefer this formula for specialty uses
• best non-toxic cleanser